NAP Priority Areas

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Develop policy, including a proposed regulatory model, on the requirement of human rights due diligence for the approval of large-scale projects where the business activity poses a significant risk to the rights of a community at large, and incorporate into relevant existing Rules and Guidelines.


Conduct feasibility study of human rights certification and provision of market incentives for businesses which demonstrate respect for human rights across their operations, including conducting human rights due diligence and publicising their efforts.


Conduct feasibility study on the future enactment of mandatory human rights due diligence legislation in Pakistan, studying the legislative, regulatory, and economic framework in this regard.


Conduct a study on the potential impact of the future enactment of mandatory human rights due diligence legislation by major trading partners, such as the European Union, on Pakistan’s competitiveness in export markets, inflows of foreign direct investment, Pakistan’s role in global supply chains, and schemes such as GSP+.


Develop and launch a Human Rights Due Diligence Partnership Project with the private sector, for the purpose of establishing a framework and standards for human rights due diligence reporting.


Establish voluntary and common standards for conducting and reporting human rights due diligence in business activity, applicable to both the direct operations and across the value chains of public and private enterprises.


Conduct an Impact Assessment of COVID-19 on the tourism industry (including a gender impact assessment), with a focus on adverse human rights impacts.

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