NAP Priority Areas

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Increase access to low-interest or interest-free loans to women and vulnerable or marginalised groups.


Provide capacity-building support in the value chain for women and vulnerable or marginalized groups, and build awareness about their rights under the law as well as available remedial mechanisms in case of violations of their human rights in business activity or the workplace.


Streamline regulatory requirements and procedures for business enterprises, aiming to reduce barriers to entry in business activity faced by women and vulnerable or marginalised groups.


Strengthen labour inspection mechanisms, including by ensuring the sufficient funding and capacity of the mechanisms, and conduct regular inspections of business enterprises, including in the informal economy, to safeguard adherence to minimum wage and other labour rights. Ensure inclusion of women as labour inspectors as well.


Formalise and strengthen wage payment mechanisms across all sectors, including the informal economy.

Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals: