NAP Priority Areas



Conduct a mapping exercise to chart national progress made against, and steps required to advance, the four elements of the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, that is: (1) the eradication of modern slavery; (2) abolishment of child labour; (3) elimination of discrimination in business activity and the workplace, including the gender pay gap, and; (4) protection of the right to freedom of association.


Review framework, engage with, and build the capacity of, National Human Rights Institutions to promote and sustain effective support to the implementation and oversight of the protection, respect, and remediation of human rights in the context of business activity.


Conduct a mapping exercise, including a consultative process, to assess the national legislative, policy, and regulatory framework relevant to human rights in the digital economy, including freelance work and the gig economy, and gather recommendations on steps needed to ensure the application of the Protect, Respect, and Remedy framework to the digital economy.

Federal and Provincial


Review and update existing legislation to strengthen the protection of human rights within the context of business activity, incorporating gender equality as a foundational and cross-cutting theme, in line with Pakistan’s Constitutional and international obligations, and in support of the framework of the UNGPs.


Issue and disseminate BHR guidelines for business enterprises in line with the NAP—its priority areas, proposed actions and State expectations of business enterprises—and with regards to non-financial reporting on corporate human rights policies, human rights due diligence, and remedial mechanisms.


Strengthen regulations, with respect to overseas labour abuse, on the registration and oversight of recruitment agencies providing overseas employment opportunities, and work with other Governments to ensure safe and just labour migration.


Clear the backlog of cases in Courts, and explore the feasibility of strengthening and promoting alternate dispute resolution mechanisms for the fair, effective, and timely redressal of human rights violations resulting from business activity.


Incorporate mandatory principles of Business and Human Rights, including the NAP and the UNGPs, into technical and vocational training.

Relevant NAP Priority Categories: