NAP Priority Areas

Proposed Actions



Conduct a national study to determine progress made against the elimination of child labour in all its forms by 2025 in line with SDG 8.7, and provide recommendations and actions for rectification of gaps.


Amend the Children (Pledging of Labour) Act 1933 to raise the penalties payable, by both parents/guardians and employers, for the pledging and employment of children.

Federal and Provincial


Pass legislation, and amend existing legislation where applicable, and ensure implementation, on Employment of Children to (1) raise the age of a child, as defined by the legislation, to the compulsory school-going age of 16, per Article 25-A of the Constitution; (2) prohibit hazardous work under the age of 18; (3) raise the penalties payable for violations; and (4) include domestic work amongst schedule of hazardous occupations.


Conduct nationwide awareness and advocacy campaigns on children’s fundamental right to education and the elimination of child labour.

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