NAP Priority Areas

Proposed Actions



Conduct a national mapping exercise to identify existing reporting procedures for human rights violations occurring from business activity, and make recommendations for improved effectiveness.


Conduct a national study on barriers to entry and advancement of women in the justice sector.

Federal and Provincial


Establish Labour Courts in all districts, and review the existing framework of Labour Courts, including assessment of gender-responsiveness, and utilise the findings to increase and strengthen functioning of Courts to provide for the efficient handling of industrial disputes and the effective protection of labour rights.


Establish Child Protection Courts in all districts, and review the framework of existing Child Protection Courts to include the authority to direct the training and rehabilitation of victims of child labour.


Establish and strengthen existing guidelines and compile best practices for the Judiciary to ensure effective remediation of human rights abuses occurring through business activity.


Ensure the effective functioning of public grievance redressal mechanisms such as the Ombudsperson Offices and enhance their capacity to resolve complaints.



Conduct compliance review to verify that effective and gender responsive organizational remedial mechanisms, including Inquiry Committees, are established in all public and private enterprises.

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